Kidde VS4, Silver_2
You want to focus on your building, not its life safety system. The quick setup enjoyed by installers, coupled with the high efficiency gained by service and maintenance personnel makes the VS Series the best choice for building owners today.
The inherent reliability of intelligent detection and the proven track record of Kidde life safety systems is your assurance that your VS Series control panel will slip quietly into the background the moment the installer leaves the site, and provide fully-compliant trouble-free service for years to come.
Simple and intuitive front panel operation keeps your building personnel in full control of your VS Series system. They won’t find themselves scrambling for the manual as the system counts down to alarm. And they won’t have to call for service every time an electrical storm causes a power outage.
VS Series represents life safety intelligence geared expressly for smaller applications that used to be the exclusive domain of conventional systems. With VS Series, you now have access to technology that a short time ago was beyond the reach of most small building budgets.
  • Simple and intuitive front panel control
  • Reduced chance of nuisance alarms
  • Pinpoint alarm location for fast response
  • Easy maintenance
  • Straightforward annual inspections
  • Architecturally pleasing panel and device design